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The Glitch that started DressCode

The Glitch that started DressCode

A glitch! This is where the DressCode story starts, this hiccup was the catalyst for a process that continues to surprise and delight.
The Golden Spiral and Pentagons in Nature

The Golden Spiral and Pentagons in Nature

More 5 sided fun with pentagons to mark 5 years of DressCode
Celebrating 5 years of DressCode Shirts with more geek style!

Celebrating 5 years of DressCode Shirts with more geek style!

5 years, this number really got us thinking and we soon fell down, way down the a pentagon shaped rabbit hole. Here's what we found, and how it's inspired a new design!
Clothing is your secret super power-DressCode Shirts

Clothing is your secret super power

The things we wear define us, this ‘definition’ goes way beyond your physical outward appearance to other people, it’s a significant psychological influence that has almost limitless power.
Birthday buddies-DressCode Shirts

Birthday buddies

We share our birthday celebrations, 19th September, with many inspirational people. In keeping with our '3 is the magic number' theme, here are thr...
Ride I.T-DressCode Shirts

Ride I.T

We are riding dapper again this year, supporting the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. We love the idea of the event and the great work that it supports. We're also rather partial to rides out on motorcycles, so this is the perfect combination of fun, fashion and full throttle.
The safest type of Contactless Payment-DressCode Shirts

The safest type of Contactless Payment

The world of payments has changed dramatically over the past 3 months, pre COVID-19 contactless was growing, now it has now become the standard way to pay for things with fewer and fewer people and businesses accepting cash as a method of payment.

We are very aware of peoples sensitivity around financial and personal security. We spent a lot of time researching the delivery partners for this product and assuring ourselves that it was safe. Here’s what we’ve learn and why we’re confident in the CashCuff solution.

The face of fashion is changing-DressCode Shirts

The face of fashion is changing

The face of fashion is changing, face masks and face coverings are here to stay. How can you make a face mask part of your look? What should you look for in a face mask? And more, explained here.
Geek luxe-DressCode Shirts

Geek luxe

Geek luxe is here. It's a thing, in fact it's many things and we love sharing our passion for all of it. We are proud to be geeky, obsessed by design and tech, exploring both in new and sometimes unexpected ways, creating the very best shirts with unique tech inspired designs.
Game changers-DressCode Shirts

Game changers

A new decade is upon us, looking back at the past 10 years I think it’s hard to have imagined where we are today. Sure it’s not all robots and hove...
Time to Life Scale-DressCode Shirts

Time to Life Scale

"Lifescale was written to help you break free from distractions, sharpen your focus, spark creativity and unlock new possibilities as a result." Th...
Good savings-DressCode Shirts

Good savings

As the Sales season really kicks off we thought that what can we do to make a difference? Something that goes beyond a personal win for you, or for...