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Glitch art

Glitch art

What is it about a glitch that we love? Who makes them? How do they do it? It's time to explore Glitch Art.
What is a Glitch? And why do they happen?

What is a Glitch? And why do they happen?

Let’s explore the whole Glitch thing from a different angle – where did it come from and what makes it happen? It’s not going to surprise you to he...
The Glitch that started DressCode

The Glitch that started DressCode

A glitch! This is where the DressCode story starts, this hiccup was the catalyst for a process that continues to surprise and delight.
Going up, level 1 - technology and fashion

Going up, level 1 - technology and fashion

A look back at our 2022 journey - the highs, lows and the innovation that has taken us to the next level.
The Odyssey - where gaming began!-DressCode Shirts

The Odyssey - where gaming began!

Many people think of Atari as the pioneers of the video game console, but it was the Magnavox Odyssey that brought the first commercial video games to market.
Face Mask Top 10 Tips-DressCode Shirts

Face Mask Top 10 Tips

The top 10 things to look for when purchasing a Face Mask – from colours and shapes to the fittings and day-to-day functioning, from the emotional well-being and the cost for the planet, this is everything that you need to know about Face Masks.
The safest type of Contactless Payment-DressCode Shirts

The safest type of Contactless Payment

The world of payments has changed dramatically over the past 3 months, pre COVID-19 contactless was growing, now it has now become the standard way to pay for things with fewer and fewer people and businesses accepting cash as a method of payment.

We are very aware of peoples sensitivity around financial and personal security. We spent a lot of time researching the delivery partners for this product and assuring ourselves that it was safe. Here’s what we’ve learn and why we’re confident in the CashCuff solution.

The face of fashion is changing-DressCode Shirts

The face of fashion is changing

The face of fashion is changing, face masks and face coverings are here to stay. How can you make a face mask part of your look? What should you look for in a face mask? And more, explained here.
First birthday-DressCode Shirts

First birthday

A look back over our first 12 months, the things we learnt, the surprises and what the future holds as we move into smart clothing with contactless payments directly from our shirts. Live I.T  Love I.T  Wear I.T