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The CashCuff® - The World's First Smart Payment Shirt

CashCuff contactless payment shirtContactless payment from the cuff! No wallet, no phone and no app required!

We design and make beautifully tailored shirts, our surface patterns reflect today's digital, eco-caring and high-tech world, now they're available with our unique contactless payment system that we call the CashCuff® that is discretely embodied in the shirt cuff.


DressCode CashCuff Algorithm shirt with pocket square

This is chic geek. The CashCuff® is defining fashion-tech, a marriage of the simplicity of contactless payment with exquisite tailoring.
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Describing his latest innovation, Dresscode CEO, Andy Boothman said “We designed CashCuff® for the fashion conscious high tech lover, it’s hidden away out of sight, but always there when you want it.

The CashCuff has already been featured in several major publications, most recently the Telegraph

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With a CashCuff® shirt from DressCode®, our customers have one less thing to worry about, they have money available on-demand, no problem, it’s perfect, going about your daily routine safe in the knowledge that you have cash on hand whenever you need it.”

Live I.T Love I.T Wear I.T

DressCode CashCuff DNA shirt with matching pocket square


What tech is involved?

The CashCuff® uses NFC (near field communication) technology connected to a Mastercard prepaid card. Using the award winning MuchBetter® digital payment platform, users allocate funds to the shirt. 

Can I switch it off?

Yes, via the MuchBetter® platform, the CashCuff® can be switched off in seconds, rendering it completely useless. It can then be reactivated just as quickly, using MuchBetter®.

DressCode CashCuff Glitch shirt

What about washing and ironing the shirt?

In the same way you wouldn’t wash your credit card and expect that to keep working, the CashCuff® is removable. We believe this creates a more convenient solution for our customers – allowing them move the CashCuff® chip from shirt to shirt.

Can I Iron it?
Just as you would remove collar stays or cufflinks from your shirt to iron it, you remove your CashCuff® chip to iron the shirt.

Is the CashCuff® a ‘wearable’?

The CashCuff® could be described as passive wearable technology, in the form of smart clothing, using EMV waves from POS terminals for power generation. We prefer to describe the CashCuff® as smart clothing, offering technology within the construction of the garment without the need for external devices or controls.


Working with two globally recognised financial technology (fintech) companies ensures that CashCuff® cannot be skimmed, should the customer loose the chip it can be deactivated in seconds, in the unlikely event that someone did manage to use your CashCuff® without your knowledge, because it is a pre-pay system that you control, the financial exposure to you and your money is contained.


The CashCuff has coverage throughout Europe, we're hopeful of extended coverage into the USA next year and global coverage soon after that, email us to check the coverage in your country.


Your CashCuff account is FREE for 24 months. There will be a small monthly subscription cost to facilitate the continued use of the accounts and services. We will write to you ahead of time explaining the options.

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