Digits - smarter clothing at your finger tips

The human body is an amazing creation. The result of millions of years of evolution, the things we can do with it are a source of constant amazement and inspiration for our work.

DressCode has focused it’s R&D resources within a very specific place, the space that is often called a wearable or smart clothing, a space where human interaction and technology meet.

However we prefer to call them ‘digits’ because, like the fingers on your hand, there’s several of them and they can work independently and together to carry out a huge range of tasks.

Digits are wearable, smart clothing 

Digits is our expression of what many may call smart clothing. We are fascinated by the opportunity to bring digital utility into our lives through our clothes, making them smarter, enabling the wearer to do more without the technology becoming onerous or intrusive.

Digits functions graphic

It’s a fine balance

We embed the tech into the cuff area of our shirts (and other items of clothing), like the CashCuff, our first smart product. So many of our daily activities involve our hands - why not make them smarter? Making everyday processes easier, improving personal security and enhancing the overall experience.

Physical keys, payment cards and cash an are concepts from a bygone era, systems that are no longer fit for purpose. They are too easy to fake, steal or loose. Digit enabled clothing is discreet, completely hidden from view, you’d never know it was there, even as the wearer, it’s that subtle.

The DressCode Digit platform is a complete digital eco-system, accredited by some of the biggest names in payment and access control. Here’s how it works.

Digit 1 - Payments - The CashCuff

This is where it all started, the CashCuff is the world’s first contactless payment shirt. Tokenised security and Mastercard accredited, it’s a neat, discreet system that operates without the need of your phone or wallet, keeping your money safe and ‘to hand’ whenever you need it.

Digit 2 - Access

Forgot your keys, no problem, digital access control offers on-demand access control and configuration. There are lots of benefits, particularly within the corporate and healthcare environments, where the clothes that you wear can ‘carry’ the keys to your building, the secure medicine cabinet, your car and even your home.

Digit 3 - Documents

We all have important personal information and certifications. Where you store this information becomes complicated because you want it to be secure but you will need to access it quickly and efficiently, so there’s often a trade-off - access over security or vice versa. But it doesn’t have to be this way, we can safely store, under digital lock and key any type of document, whether that’s your ticket to a gig or your health records or a security certification. 

Digit 4 - Identity

Proof of identity has never been more important. An accessible digital proof of identity that you’re in total control of removes a lot of stress and anxiety. Whether you need to prove who you are or want to be assured that the item you are buying is legitimate, we can digitally confirm who, what and where from the tech within our clothes.

Digit 5 - Events

We are multi-sensory creatures, we interact with one another in so many ways and our hands are a vital part of those expressions and connections. From a hand shake to the thumbs up and through the myriad of other gestures we connect and create communities. Our digit technology will enhance any conference or event with real-time experiences and interactions. We create brand experiences like no other, blending the digital and physical worlds to create new, immersive experiences.

Want to know more?

If this is of interest, if you’d like to know more about what we are doing, where and how we can help you deliver smarter experiences, smarter clothes and better ways of working, get in touch.