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ReCode is the DressCode Shirts upcycling system

ReCode is the DressCode Shirts upcycling system

ReCode is a sustainable fashion solution, combining materials, knowledge and design skills to create new shirts from old ones. 
Going up, level 1 - technology and fashion

Going up, level 1 - technology and fashion

A look back at our 2022 journey - the highs, lows and the innovation that has taken us to the next level.
4 years of DressCode Shirts

4 years of DressCode Shirts

Looking back over 21-22, what we learnt that is shaping the future of what we do - Made on demand.
Clothing is your secret super power-DressCode Shirts

Clothing is your secret super power

The things we wear define us, this ‘definition’ goes way beyond your physical outward appearance to other people, it’s a significant psychological influence that has almost limitless power.
Chilling at BAFTA (for the Global Sustainability Film Awards)-DressCode Shirts

Chilling at BAFTA (for the Global Sustainability Film Awards)

Showing our stripes with a Climate Code shirt thaw at the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards in the newly refurbished BAFTA building on Piccadilly.  An inspiring evening, showcasing the brilliant storytelling film and animation work created to spread the climate challenge message.
Ride I.T-DressCode Shirts

Ride I.T

We are riding dapper again this year, supporting the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. We love the idea of the event and the great work that it supports. We're also rather partial to rides out on motorcycles, so this is the perfect combination of fun, fashion and full throttle.
Saved by science!-DressCode Shirts

Saved by science!

Our understanding of DNA and the ability to sequence large data sets quickly has delivered a way to combat Coronavirus, creating vaccines in an incredibly quick time. We are proud to have designed a shirt that celebrates this incredible code and the achievements of those involved. 

The safest type of Contactless Payment-DressCode Shirts

The safest type of Contactless Payment

The world of payments has changed dramatically over the past 3 months, pre COVID-19 contactless was growing, now it has now become the standard way to pay for things with fewer and fewer people and businesses accepting cash as a method of payment.

We are very aware of peoples sensitivity around financial and personal security. We spent a lot of time researching the delivery partners for this product and assuring ourselves that it was safe. Here’s what we’ve learn and why we’re confident in the CashCuff solution.

Fore Fathers-DressCode Shirts

Fore Fathers

It's Father's Day in the UK, the past few weeks got us thinking about the 'fatherly' influences on DressCode. The people who we hold in great respect. The people we have celebrated in our work - the back stories, the bits behind the scenes that really make things tick, the human stories behind the innovations.
The CashCuff® is 1!-DressCode Shirts

The CashCuff® is 1!

12 months ago we revealed the CashCuff, our vision for wearable payment utility with cash at hand whenever you need it. Fast forward 12 months and today, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and 'lockdown living' it feels like the CashCuff is well placed to provide the contactless payments in our new normal. 
1.21 Gigawatts! What would Marty McFly do in lockdown?-DressCode Shirts

1.21 Gigawatts! What would Marty McFly do in lockdown?

The past couple of weeks felt like you were in some surreal version of Back to the Future? Maybe it’s just 80’s nostalgia kicking in? Maybe it’s aspirational, hoping that there IS a DeLorean parked around the corner, ready to take you back in time, find Doc Emmett and inspire him to produce a cure or use the flux capacitor to realign future events, stopping this pandemic from ever happening and rebuilding daily life as we knew it?
First birthday-DressCode Shirts

First birthday

A look back over our first 12 months, the things we learnt, the surprises and what the future holds as we move into smart clothing with contactless payments directly from our shirts. Live I.T  Love I.T  Wear I.T