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Glitch art

Glitch art

What is it about a glitch that we love? Who makes them? How do they do it? It's time to explore Glitch Art.
What is a Glitch? And why do they happen?

What is a Glitch? And why do they happen?

Let’s explore the whole Glitch thing from a different angle – where did it come from and what makes it happen? It’s not going to surprise you to he...
Ride I.T-DressCode Shirts

Ride I.T

We are riding dapper again this year, supporting the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. We love the idea of the event and the great work that it supports. We're also rather partial to rides out on motorcycles, so this is the perfect combination of fun, fashion and full throttle.
The Odyssey - where gaming began!-DressCode Shirts

The Odyssey - where gaming began!

Many people think of Atari as the pioneers of the video game console, but it was the Magnavox Odyssey that brought the first commercial video games to market.
Why DressCode?-DressCode Shirts

Why DressCode?

Why is this business called DressCode Shirts? Simple, we're all about dressing you in the beautiful code that's behind all our digital devices and more. We love tech and wanted to share that passion with other people, wearing our hearts on our sleeves.