Geek luxe

We’re all geeks. When you find something that you’re really passionate about, you geek out.

You’ll find yourself deep, really deep into your thing, it’s love. It can come from almost anywhere and it hits you on many levels, ticking all your personal boxes, motivating, elating, empowering and more, above all it makes you happy.

When you find this something this special a whole new world is waiting for you to explore, no detail is too trivial, you’ll learn all the back story, all the details that came together and made you love it so much in the first place. You’ll find yourself with a whole new language, you become word perfect on all the key quotes and sayings, know all the facts and figures.

Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter

Geek is cool

It has been said that every style, trend or movement, passion or cultural group is a love affair, and we call this kind of obsession geeky and that’s cool.

Exploring our geek-nesses

We’re obsessed too, our obsessions can be put into two boxes – design and technology.


Let’s un-pack the first box that we’ve labeled design. Design is a big label and can be applied to loads of stuff and we’re really happy with that, because if there’s a creative process involved then we’re interested, some things we know intimately, some things we’re just as happy to enjoy less intimately.

Design covers so many aspects of life from fashion to music, architecture, gaming, drawing and art, film and video, , photography, graphics, animation, books (and every kind of written expression). We get pretty geeky about it all.


This is another big label. Let’s be honest, the digital world is huge. There’s no element of human life that’s not been touched by technology, from the moment we are born, technology is there on lots of levels.

 Today we live and breath technology all day, every day, as we work, travel and chill. It’s always there and is taken for granted by many people. We love the detail, the platforms, the programming languages, the innovations, connections, speed (will it ever be fast enough?) and the endless adaptability across life, from our global climate to personal healthcare, tech is pioneering, pushing, testing and creating amazing things all around us.

Wearable geek-luxe

We’ve married the two in the CashCuff®, bringing the best design and technology together to create the 'World’s First Payment Shirt', but that’s another story – read more here.


DressCode is driven by a geeky attention to detail that sees us obsess about the details of every aspect of the products we produce. From the surface patterns to the materials we use and on into the way we make our shirts, the construction, the stitching, buttons, collars, cuffs...and much more, every element is scrutinised in our obsession for the very best shirts.

We work with a fourth generation tailoring family, they make our shirts by hand creating beautiful items of clothing. The result is out and out luxury – a combination of the very best materials and obsessive attention to detail with innovative design. This is what makes a DressCode Shirt. You can see the difference, feel the quality and wear your heart of your sleeve with pride.

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