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Reframing the climate challenge

Reframing the climate challenge

An inspiring event, reframing the hurdles, blockers and negatives into positive opportunities to address climate change.
We're passionate about these people in tech

We're passionate about these people in tech

There’s also this weird thing called Valentine’s Day, the epitome of consumerism, where we are told to buy things as an expression of our love for someone. We don’t believe in buying, or trying to buy affection, but we would like to celebrate some really cool people, so that’s what we’ve done.
HealthTech – the technology is killing us!

HealthTech – the technology is killing us!

What does the future of HealthTech offer? It's a big question and there's a lot of hype to work our way through.
Reflections on the first SUSTx conference

Reflections on the first SUSTx conference

10 take aways from the 1st SUSTx (sustainable technology) conference
Wearing a CashCuff shirt to pay contactlessly-DressCode Shirts

Wearing a CashCuff shirt to pay contactlessly

The CashCuff contactless payment shirts, independent test by James Bore. It's more convenient than taking a card from a wallet, more convenient than using your phone or prodding at tiny buttons on a smartwatch. The CashCuff brings a bit of fun back to your payment experience. I got questions about how I was paying, since it’s such a discreet little system. And of course, the shirt itself was absolutely gorgeous.
Being ahead of the curve-DressCode Shirts

Being ahead of the curve

Are you a head of the curve? What does that mean? Is it important? And why we need innovation in our lives.
Wally Funk - Space pioneer-DressCode Shirts

Wally Funk - Space pioneer

Mary Wallace "Wally" Funk is the real star of the 2021 space race. Her story is an inspiration and we think it should be better known, so we’re doi...
We’re brimming with pride for Lynn Conway-DressCode Shirts

We’re brimming with pride for Lynn Conway

Pride has educated many people and brought us closer together, unfortunately it hasn’t always been this way. To mark Pride month we wanted to celeb...
The Odyssey - where gaming began!-DressCode Shirts

The Odyssey - where gaming began!

Many people think of Atari as the pioneers of the video game console, but it was the Magnavox Odyssey that brought the first commercial video games to market.
The iconic women of tech-DressCode Shirts

The iconic women of tech

As part of International Women’s day we felt it was important to shine a light on a few of the women we are, quite frankly, in 'awe' of their achievements. So here's our list, a celebration of the amazing achievements of women in technology. 
Fore Fathers-DressCode Shirts

Fore Fathers

It's Father's Day in the UK, the past few weeks got us thinking about the 'fatherly' influences on DressCode. The people who we hold in great respect. The people we have celebrated in our work - the back stories, the bits behind the scenes that really make things tick, the human stories behind the innovations.
1.21 Gigawatts! What would Marty McFly do in lockdown?-DressCode Shirts

1.21 Gigawatts! What would Marty McFly do in lockdown?

The past couple of weeks felt like you were in some surreal version of Back to the Future? Maybe it’s just 80’s nostalgia kicking in? Maybe it’s aspirational, hoping that there IS a DeLorean parked around the corner, ready to take you back in time, find Doc Emmett and inspire him to produce a cure or use the flux capacitor to realign future events, stopping this pandemic from ever happening and rebuilding daily life as we knew it?