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The Glitch that started DressCode

The Glitch that started DressCode

A glitch! This is where the DressCode story starts, this hiccup was the catalyst for a process that continues to surprise and delight.
Pentagonal (5 sided) architecture

Pentagonal (5 sided) architecture

Our small Pentagon obsession continues... This time we are focused on architecture and physical spaces, where Pentagon's have a really dramatic effect. Let's explore further.
Celebrating 5 years of DressCode Shirts with more geek style!

Celebrating 5 years of DressCode Shirts with more geek style!

5 years, this number really got us thinking and we soon fell down, way down the a pentagon shaped rabbit hole. Here's what we found, and how it's inspired a new design!
We're passionate about these people in tech

We're passionate about these people in tech

There’s also this weird thing called Valentine’s Day, the epitome of consumerism, where we are told to buy things as an expression of our love for someone. We don’t believe in buying, or trying to buy affection, but we would like to celebrate some really cool people, so that’s what we’ve done.
Wearing a CashCuff shirt to pay contactlessly-DressCode Shirts

Wearing a CashCuff shirt to pay contactlessly

The CashCuff contactless payment shirts, independent test by James Bore. It's more convenient than taking a card from a wallet, more convenient than using your phone or prodding at tiny buttons on a smartwatch. The CashCuff brings a bit of fun back to your payment experience. I got questions about how I was paying, since it’s such a discreet little system. And of course, the shirt itself was absolutely gorgeous.
Get your tech on with sustainable fashion-DressCode Shirts

Get your tech on with sustainable fashion

When environmental science, data and fashion meet...

The British Antarctic Survey have been working with us to explore how clothing could communicate important environmental messages in style, developing new dialogue and engaging people in this important conversation.

We’re brimming with pride for Lynn Conway-DressCode Shirts

We’re brimming with pride for Lynn Conway

Pride has educated many people and brought us closer together, unfortunately it hasn’t always been this way. To mark Pride month we wanted to celeb...
Ride I.T-DressCode Shirts

Ride I.T

We are riding dapper again this year, supporting the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. We love the idea of the event and the great work that it supports. We're also rather partial to rides out on motorcycles, so this is the perfect combination of fun, fashion and full throttle.
Saved by science!-DressCode Shirts

Saved by science!

Our understanding of DNA and the ability to sequence large data sets quickly has delivered a way to combat Coronavirus, creating vaccines in an incredibly quick time. We are proud to have designed a shirt that celebrates this incredible code and the achievements of those involved. 

The iconic women of tech-DressCode Shirts

The iconic women of tech

As part of International Women’s day we felt it was important to shine a light on a few of the women we are, quite frankly, in 'awe' of their achievements. So here's our list, a celebration of the amazing achievements of women in technology. 
Ada Lovelace An inspiring woman-DressCode Shirts

Ada Lovelace An inspiring woman

Today marks #IWD2019 International Women's Day and we want to celebrate the amazing work of Ada Lovelace, without whom our world, and in particular...