Men's Shirts

We measure our shirts the traditional way, using collar sizes, so you will see our shirts quoted in inches - 15" (small), 15.5" (medium), 16.5" (large) and 17.5" (extra large).

Women's Shirts

Women's shirts size chart

The cut of our cloth

The style and cut of our shirts is best described as 'comfort'. If you prefer a 'slim fit' or 'muscle fit' finish we would advise contacting your local tailor, who will be able to personalise the fit of your shirt quite easily for minimal cost.

What size are you?

The easiest way to determine your size is to measure your favourite shirt.

Ignore what the label says, many producers use vanity metrics when labelling their garments.

Take your favourite shirt and measure the length from the centre of the button to the centre of the button hole on the collar, this will give you your collar size in inches. It takes less than a minute and ensures you get the right size, first time.

I don't have time to measure a shirt!

We always advise measuring your favourite, well fitted shirt. If you don't have access to it right now, tell us in your order comments and we'll wait to hear from you.

I have no idea where to start.

If you don't normally 'do' shirts, and have no idea where to start, call or email us, we're happy to talk you through the process and will help make sure you get the right fit, first time.