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Chilling at BAFTA (for the Global Sustainability Film Awards)-DressCode Shirts

Chilling at BAFTA (for the Global Sustainability Film Awards)

Showing our stripes with a Climate Code shirt thaw at the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards in the newly refurbished BAFTA building on Piccadilly.  An inspiring evening, showcasing the brilliant storytelling film and animation work created to spread the climate challenge message.
Get your tech on with sustainable fashion-DressCode Shirts

Get your tech on with sustainable fashion

When environmental science, data and fashion meet...

The British Antarctic Survey have been working with us to explore how clothing could communicate important environmental messages in style, developing new dialogue and engaging people in this important conversation.

5 tips to start a positive Home Schooling journey-DressCode Shirts

5 tips to start a positive Home Schooling journey

5 tips that will help you get going in the right direction this week. There’s been a lot of change in the past week for all of us. At times like this we all crave normality - things, processes and activities that are familiar and reassuring

Geek luxe-DressCode Shirts

Geek luxe

Geek luxe is here. It's a thing, in fact it's many things and we love sharing our passion for all of it. We are proud to be geeky, obsessed by design and tech, exploring both in new and sometimes unexpected ways, creating the very best shirts with unique tech inspired designs.
Creating a unique DressCode-DressCode Shirts

Creating a unique DressCode

What was the inspiration for DressCode? How did it come together and what made it happen? Find out more in this blog post where Andy describes what inspired him to develop the idea.
Why DressCode?-DressCode Shirts

Why DressCode?

Why is this business called DressCode Shirts? Simple, we're all about dressing you in the beautiful code that's behind all our digital devices and more. We love tech and wanted to share that passion with other people, wearing our hearts on our sleeves.