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Geek luxe-DressCode Shirts

Geek luxe

Geek luxe is here. It's a thing, in fact it's many things and we love sharing our passion for all of it. We are proud to be geeky, obsessed by design and tech, exploring both in new and sometimes unexpected ways, creating the very best shirts with unique tech inspired designs.
Game changers-DressCode Shirts

Game changers

A new decade is upon us, looking back at the past 10 years I think it’s hard to have imagined where we are today. Sure it’s not all robots and hove...
First birthday-DressCode Shirts

First birthday

A look back over our first 12 months, the things we learnt, the surprises and what the future holds as we move into smart clothing with contactless payments directly from our shirts. Live I.T  Love I.T  Wear I.T
Top 10 tech destinations-DressCode Shirts

Top 10 tech destinations

Tech is everywhere. Here's our Top 10 Tech destinations, the places worth seeing and experiencing first hand. The places where incredibly cool stuff is being done - scientific research, tech development, cutting edge technologies and inspiring innovations. If you love tech, we're sure you'll love these places.
Digitising industry - Retail and consumer electronics - what we learnt.-DressCode Shirts

Digitising industry - Retail and consumer electronics - what we learnt.

CWIC 2019 was all about Digitising Industry. Here we look back at what we've learnt from the Retail and Consumer electronics session with ghd, IBM and Metail.
Top 10 Tech inspired tunes-DressCode Shirts

Top 10 Tech inspired tunes

If you love tech then there's a pretty good chance that you'll like tunes too. Many tech innovations have been used to make new music and explore our relationship with technology. We wanted to share 10 of our favourites with you.
The CashCuff™ concept-DressCode Shirts

The CashCuff™ concept

The Cash Cuff™ is a new concept from DressCode Shirts. Imagine paying for things using the shirt that you're wearing - no wallet, no devices and no need for physical cash. This is what the CashCuff is all about. Controlled via a online app, it's the future of payments.
Time to Life Scale-DressCode Shirts

Time to Life Scale

"Lifescale was written to help you break free from distractions, sharpen your focus, spark creativity and unlock new possibilities as a result." Th...
Why DressCode?-DressCode Shirts

Why DressCode?

Why is this business called DressCode Shirts? Simple, we're all about dressing you in the beautiful code that's behind all our digital devices and more. We love tech and wanted to share that passion with other people, wearing our hearts on our sleeves.