5 tips to start a positive Home Schooling journey

Crikey!! I am supposed to be a branding guru and designer for men’s clothing then and all of a sudden I find myself at home in the role of “teach” for the first time in my life.

I have been banging on for years about clothes and the roles they play in our lives – statements, structure, security and more, so I decided to share my knowledge and how I’m going to apply it in my new job as a teacher – this is what I am doing with my 2 kids – aged four and six (she’s NEARLY seven and we all know that’s important).

Grange Hill uniforms


Our kids school uniform is one of the things that’s normal and every day for them. I believe it will make everyone’s life easier if your kids keep wearing it for ‘school’ in the usual way. It’s also a great way to set the tone for the day ahead, school uniform is a visual cue that this is a school day, not a holiday. The bonus comes on Friday, when the uniform comes off and it’s a great way to mark the end of the week and beginning of the weekend.

Teacher Dresscode

You’re wearing a number of hats right now, three at least, maybe more - parent, teacher and homeworker. How do you get into the zone for all of these different tasks?  Easy, dress for the part!

Create your teacher look, it’s a visible label to your kids that today’s not just play time with Mum or Dad, it’s school with the new teacher. I am going to wear my fave jacket, it’s a little flamboyant and I love it and how it makes me feel. Remember to change your clothes as you switch roles.

Brand your school

My kids love the schools they attend. So the first task for HomeSchool is naming the new school location. Just because they are at home doesn’t mean they are not at real school. So create a school sign that matches the school they attend and put it on the door, also at the front of “class” as a reminder. Maybe make name badges? Put up the school name up when schools in session and take it down at the end of the day.

School desk

Dedicate an area

Let’s face it our homes weren’t designed to be classrooms. We are going to need tables and chairs and access to power. Find somewhere where you can all sit and work alongside one another. Dinner tables, breakfast bars…anywhere where you can cluster a small group of chairs around a table. If you’re struggling for space get a large baking tray, cover it with cloth or paper, place a cushion beneath and ta-dah, Blue Peter style, you have a personal work surface on each child’s lap.



Who doesn’t lover a planner? A big sheet of paper or a whiteboard where you write down what’s happening when. We will design the calendar of activities together. Look at what’s been set by the ‘old school’ and how this will fit with the demands of the day, sit down with the kids and develop a calendar that works for everyone, breaking activities down into small manageable chunks. The kids can even help you mark it out and fill it in. This way everyone has sight of what’s happening.

I wish you all Good luck!

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Stay strong, stay safe.

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