The power of allies and allyship

We are committed to building a business that has a supportive and inclusive culture, a place where everyone feels that they are included. When you read/listen to this statement, it’s like the biggest no-brainer, I mean why would you try to build anything other? It just doesn’t make sense.

Design it

We are designing the DressCode business from the inside out. We have taken the responsibility to create an organisation where equality is hard coded into the business. Taking this approach enables us to make the most of all the different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences our team has to share. It will also help us prepare ourselves, to best serve you, our customers.

It's a fact, when people feel they can be themselves at work they are happier and more productive. We all want that – employer and employee. That’s why we are working hard, building an inclusive and diverse team. This isn’t a tick box exercise or an exercise in doing the right thing, it’s human and those human values are also great business values.


Joining forces

What do we mean by ‘allies’ and ‘allyship’?

Allies and allyship are best described as being consciously inclusive. This thinking helps everyone to feel respected, involved and connected. It means lots of things, to lots of different people, here are a few examples:

  • Embracing difference by seeking the views of people with different perspectives and experiences.
  • Empowering others to succeed and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard with their contributions equally valued.
  • Standing up and speaking out for what is right and holding others to account for what is not.
  • Open opportunities for progression and a levelling of the playing field for all.
  • Challenging your own understanding, learning about cultures and communities that are different to your own.

I have recently spoken with Fiona Tatton, founder and editor of Womanthology, about being a female ally. The interview covers a whole host of things from my life, from school and education through to the creation of DressCode, including my personal and family relationships. I feel so passionately about this topic, that I wanted to share it with you, read the full interview here.


Womanthology Men as allies


Other types of support and allyship

There are loads, I’m not going to claim that we’ve got it all right (at least not yet). Here are a few more resources that we’ve developed, with people from inside and outside the business to support and help other people.


Dan Sodergren

Overcome the fear of public speaking

This is probably one of the biggest challenges, a room full of people, all eyes on you. Who do you turn to for advice? Someone who’s been there and done it, presented 1000’s of times, in person, on TV and radio with a wealth of experience to share. Our friend and collaborator Dan Sodergren has created a series of books to help you ‘overcome’.


Being your best self

What does that mean? There’s no right and no wrong, this will be different for everyone. What’s most important is taking the time to recognise what brings you joy, where you get you energy, what relaxes you and so on. Making these connections, getting comfortable with who you are is a game changer that we feel everyone should have access to. Watch the 'Being your best self' videos here.


Superhero Wonderwoman


Clothing is your secret superpower

We would say this, wouldn’t we! Clothing really is a secret super power, once you understand how the clothes you wear affect your outlook, body language and whole persona, then you can use this to best effect. Dressing for success is real.


Woman with VR headset

Iconic women of tech

The imbalance of gender and diversity within the technology sector has been well documented. We wanted to find, and champion the women in tech. These are ground breaking people, whom we want to shout for from the roof tops. There’s so much amazing work being done by women in tech.




A positive start

The power of planning. Investing time in yourself, planning what you need – clothes, equipment…food. Thinking about how you present ahead of time stops the doubt creeping in, reduces anxiety and ensures that in and amongst the hurly burly of the morning routine, you have a plan, a direction and a solution.



Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace

She is an icon. A pivotal positive influence that really encapsulates everything that we love about equality, listening to those from outside your experience. I think it’s highly likely that we wouldn’t be talk about Charles Babbage today without Ada’s input into his work.



Lifescale cover and Brian Solis

Life Scale

Life Scale is a book by friend and supporter Brian Solis. The levels of digital distraction and toxification that we all experience daily needs to be called out for what it is…un-natural and damaging. When a tech lover writes a book to say we are overloading on this stuff, it’s time to take a long hard look at ourselves.



Space invader shirt

Enclothed Cognition

Last but certainly not least. This is the force that has motivated so much of our work. What you wear really impacts how you think and how you show up. It’s powerful and very much a real phenomenon that we feel everyone should use. Learn more about the process and how you can use Enclothed Cognition each and every day.