A positive start

Hope that you’re having a good day. Did you know how much our individual personal output and outlook is affected by the decisions we make about clothes?

Starting your day on a positive, making sure those first few things that you do in the day are organised, simple and rewarding sets the tone for the rest of that day.

This routine forms a powerful personal asset called enclothed cognition, and it’s something that we’re all capable of achieving, whether we are working from home or in the office.

We are visual creatures, we use colours, shapes and clothes to identify ourselves and connect with others, even in a pandemic that doesn't change. Yes you can Zoom in your joggers and no one will be any the wiser, but mentally you'll still be in 'down time', with mixed messages coming at us from every direction right now, why increase this complexity?

The single most productive thing that you can do is to dress for the occasion. It's a genuine win-win as you will be mentally recharged and your cognitive function (ability to do the tasks) will be much better. It also breaks the blur of daily life, defining the time that you are 'at work', giving you structure. 

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Pre Covid - The night before, think about what the next day holds, make sure that you have your ‘look’ for the day. Something that’s appropriate to your activities - desk bound, multi meetings, travel, locations and the weather/time of year.

This way, the first thing the next day, you’re not faffing around, trying to put your look together, panic ironing or even washing, dare we even say, recycling (pongy items) from the day or days before.

During Covid - The night before, think about what the next day holds, make sure that you have clearly defined your ‘working’ time and wear something that mentally places you in that head space. 

Taking this approach to clothes works even better during lockdown because the next day you’re not faffing around, trying to put your look together whilst setting up the kids Home Schooling meetings, get breakfast and think about everything else that's happening. You have a plan, use it and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

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Pre Covid and during lockdown the advice is the same here - Yes we know it all sounds a little bit dib, dib, dib...but we’re not going to go all ‘cub scouts’ on you I promise! Being prepared means you start out positively, clear about what you’re doing. Rather than scavenge hunting those old shoes from the back of the wardrobe, realising that the top from last summer has a stain on the bottom and a host of other wardrobe fails that really will effect your outlook for the day ahead. 

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Even if you’re a morning person, up with the lark and ready to go, it’s worth investing a little time the night before to think about your dress code for the next days activities. This tip applied pre Covid and during lockdown it's well worth a few minutes thought the night before.

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Pre Covid and during lockdown this is SO important. Take the pressure off yourself, give yourself some breathing space. Being prepared, having clothes ready is powerful for everyone. It will help you have a better nights sleep the night before! Quite simply it’s one less thing to think about, so you won’t be lying in bed a midnight trying to remember where you ‘stored’ your summer jacket through winter.

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Our shirts, pocket squares and face masks fill all sorts of roles, doing different things for different people but always expressing their passions and personality. Sometimes they do that subtly, other times it's a bit louder.  If you'd like help and advice, drop us a line dresscode@dresscodeshirts.co.uk or 0871 245 4518.

Want to learn more about enclothed cognition? Here's a blog we wrote all about it.