DressCode CashCuff® Signature Shirt
DressCode CashCuff® Signature Shirt
DressCode CashCuff® Signature Shirt
DressCode CashCuff® Signature Shirt
DressCode CashCuff® Signature Shirt

DressCode CashCuff® Signature Shirt

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CashCuff® The World's First Smart Payment Shirt

A CashCuff® shirt allows you to pay for things using contactless tech directly from the cuff of your shirt. No phone, no wallet, no problem - read more about the CashCuff® here

Payment Ready is the new standard in Contactless payments.

The CashCuff is Payment Ready - setting the highest standards of quality control and security across all contactless payments worldwide.


This is my DressCode

DressCode is about chic geek, expressing passions for tech with style.

Signature is a development of our logo, which is based on the angled brackets of code. Coding is everywhere, it’s an integral part of life and we wanted to share this hidden gem with the outside world...in style.

The DressCode patterns works in many ways and colours which gave us a problem. Where to we start? The answer came from within, creating something that reflected our source code – Cambridge, England – a city synonymous with tech, a city of blues and that felt like the right place for us – two tones of blue - and we’re sure it will feel right for you.

Tim Berners-Lee is without doubt one of the most famous people in coding, on 12th March 1989, he proposed an information management system that we now call the ‘web’, he then implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the internet, it changed the way in which we have communicated ever since. See our 'fore fathers' blog for more information.

Live I.T Love I.T Wear I.T

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