Smarter clothing

We create unique experiences,
taking clothing to the next level.

What is smarter clothing?

DressCode is the place where tech and clothing combine.
We create clothing that empowers the wearer.
Discreetly adding utility and creating rich, personal experiences.

What does this look like?

Let us show you a real life example.
The CashCuff® is the World's first payment shirt!
Read the full development story here.

Smart clothing is multifaceted,
it can deliver much more, let's explore.


access control

Access control

Building, sites and venues, even vehicles,
where the access is controlled via the clothes that you are wearing.

Secure documents


Work critical documents, site passes, tickets and more.
Discreetly and safely stored within the clothes you're wearing.

Identity protection


Protect your most valuable asset.
Discreetly store personal provenance information within your clothing.

Happy customer

Brand experience and loyalty

Engage with your customers in real-time,
add value and personalise their experience.
Climate Code shirt

Case study - The British Antarctic Survey COP26

Innovative design,
combing data and art with the CashCuff®
for the teams travel and subsistence.

Explore the product and read about the activities in our blog.

Our technology is scalable,
transferable and above all...robust

We provide multi-layer algorithmic encryption
that is recognised globally.

Transferable data


Engage with your customers in real-time
with instant feedback and sharing of data.

Working with planet

Working with our planet

Our products are 'made on demand' using award winning
sustainable wood-pulp materials and renewable energy.

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