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This shirt is currently a pre-order item. Estimated delivery time - late September 2021.

We have worked closely with the British Antarctic Society (BAS) climate scientists and innovation team, as well as Professor Ed Hawkins, from the University of Reading, on exploring how and where data could be expressed within the surface patterns of a shirt, creating a design that gets people talking.

The end result is a stunning shirt that demonstrates 800,000 years of data, clearly connecting global warming with the increase in CO2 concentrations and symbolically identifies the ozone hole. We call these shirts the ‘climate code’, they are unique to DressCode and will be available for both men and women.

Creating a sustainable product

DressCode is by its own admission, ‘Geeky’, we often use the term GeekLux – championing the inner geek with a luxurious feeling product that celebrates technology both visually in the design and through wearable technology. 

Our approach to fashion has always been to embrace ‘slow, sustainable fashion’, creating shirts that are hand-made to exacting standards. Shirts that will last a long time, and designs that are timeless.

For this project we are using a sustainable, recycled fabric. The printing of which is done digitally, as this reduces the amount of water and heat required to print the designs onto the weave.

“We have looked at every aspect of production and thought about where we can reduce our consumption of resources”, says Andy Boothman, “…things like turning the heat of the finishing unit down during printing, gives us a less ‘polished’ surface on our material, saving energy and creating a unique look and feel that our customers really enjoy wearing”.

Tech for good

The Climate Code shirts will also feature contactless payment technology - Cashcuff. DressCode have pioneered wearable payments, working with Digiseq to deliver a highly secure and discreet payment tech within the shirts.

Pre order details
Early bird pre-orders are available with a 20% discount, using code 'climate20' at check out. Further information about your pre-order will be emailed to you in due course.