Washing, ironing and care of your Tencel shirt

Your Tencel shirt is not only made from an award winning, sustainable material, it's a material that is incredibly comfortable to wear and also very durable too. Here's how to care for it.


Launder your shirt in a mixed colour wash on a low temperature, 30ºC using a fabric detergent, we like Smol detergents, good cleaning results and great environmental credentials too. 

To iron or not to iron?

It's a personal decision, both have their place, whichever you choose here's a top tip that will save you time and ensure the shirt looks good after every wash.

TIP - Put your shirt straight onto a clothes hanger when you take it out of the machine. This will help it naturally reform into shape as it dries. Taking a couple of moments to ensure the shoulders are pulled square on the hanger, that the sleeves are not twisted or knotted is really important. Holding the shirt on the hanger in one hand, gently pull the front sections down, before fastening the  second button from the top. This will ensure the shirt dries into shape, creating the least amount of creasing, which means less ironing - yay!

TIP -  Drying should not be done in direct sunlight. This will cause the print of the shirt to degrade.

Washing videos - We're working on some step by step washing videos to help guide you through this process - check back for more info or email us.


Before you start the ironing process, help yourself, and your shirt, by following the 'to iron or not to iron' tip above.

Tencel is great for lots of reasons, you'll be pleased to know that it doesn't crease easily and any creasing that does occur falls out equally easily.

For ironing purposes we recommend using a domestic iron on the lowest heat setting. Always test your iron on a small area of the shirt first, preferably somewhere along the bottom edge.

Ironing videos - We're working on some step by step ironing videos to help guide you through this process - check back for more info or email us.