Personal bespoke shirts

A unique shirt where every aspect has been designed around you. Absolutely no compromise. Every element fused together to deliver a shirt that fits like a glove and speaks your mind.

Whatever the DressCode, we love a challenge and thrive on pushing the envelope, trying new techniques and new styles.

How does it work?

This is an intricate and highly bespoke service where the quality and attention to detail are paramount.

Like many things it starts with a conversation, we are happy to chat about what we do and the possibilities of developing something unique for you.

From there we will give you an estimate for the project, so we all know what’s required, what the deadline is and ensure that we are on the same page about the price as well.

The next step

Would be a face-to-face meeting (if possible*) so that we can meet you and explore what type of fit works best for you, your shape and your comfort. From here we’ll discuss materials, styles and what you’re looking to ‘say’ with this shirt.

*If a face-to-face isn’t possible don’t worry, we have a global network of tailors who can do the measuring, we’ll then continue our chat online.

Ready to wear

Many of our bespoke shirts are produced in small volumes, typically under 10 units. This gives you enough shirts for the week. It spreads the cost a little and ensures the longevity of your investment as well.

We can, and do, make complete one-offs but we would always advocate producing more than one shirt, in the same way that you have two pairs of your favourite shoes, having multiple shirts allows you to rotate the garments, increasing the longevity and providing the flexibility to wear them as often as you like.