The business of presenting your business2

First impressions count - fact.

Making the right impression in business is SO important. The clothes you wear speak volumes about you and the business that you’re involved in.

We all want to get it right, striking a balance and being appropriately dressed for the situation whether that’s external meetings, informal internal catch-up’s, conferences, networking or exhibitions, there’s a DressCode for all of these.

We work with many businesses in the B2B channel, designing shirts that express the personality of those businesses, their brand values.

We love learning about businesses, thriving on the challenge of developing designs that say more about what the business does, its values, its products and its people. Sometimes these expressions are very subtle, other times we turn the volume up, proudly announcing the key values of a business.


There are millions of ways your company values can play out on our shirts. Everything is bespoke, we will design every aspect of the shirt from the cuff style and cut to the collar, buttons, stitching and more.

We use only the finest quality cotton, all of our shirts are 100%, we will print your clothe and tailor the shirts to your specification.

How does it work?

Email us with your enquiry, tell us what you’re looking to achieve…the volume you require with some indication of the split male to female. Timing is always important, quality control is everything to us, we will do all that we can to accommodate requests, highlighting any issues as soon as possible.

With this information we can give you a estimated cost for the project, from the design, through all the production variations right through to delivery.

Our process

We’d really like to come and meet you, get to know a little bit more about the business and your goals. Sharing goals is really powerful, it allows our team to understand more about where you’re business is heading, what makes you different from the rest and what your competitors look like.

From here we will develop a range of designs for you to consider. Whilst we’re designing we’ll also be working on the sizes and the range. For example the split between men and womens shirts, what sizes you are going to need more off and other details about your requirements.

Perfect fit

Some clients want a very tailored fit, we can deliver exactly what you want as we have our own in-house tailor who will come and measure people on site if required. We’ll then come back with designs and a full delivery package.


If you’d like to know more, meet the team and see what we do first hand, drop us a message. Simply fill in the form and we'll be in touch.