DressCode Glitch Shirt-Shirt-DressCode Shirts
DressCode Glitch Shirt-Shirt-DressCode Shirts
DressCode Glitch Shirt-Shirt-DressCode Shirts
DressCode Glitch Shirt-Shirt-DressCode Shirts

DressCode Glitch Shirt

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The vibrant colours and dynamic of a screen glitch captured in a shirt. This is a shirt of contrasts - the stone grey body beautifully contrasts the vibrant glitched graphics and pixelation of the collar, cuffs and front placket. A great shirt to wear with a jacket, the collar and cuffs really lift the mood and express your style.

Free tree with every shirt 

We work with More Trees to put something meaningful back into the environment. We have pledged to plant a tree every time we sell a shirt, customers receive full digital certification of their contribution to tackling climate change.

Every DressCode shirt has been designed for your comfort.

We have sourced a super fine, pure white 100% cotton that is sustainably grown, harvested and spun in India.

The best buttons - every element of a DressCode shirt is high quality, our buttons are a great example. They're substantial, 2.5mm thick, the buttons of this shirt feature a subtle rainbow pearl that perfectly compliments the glitches areas of the shirt.

You'll also find our signature red, white and blue roundel buttons at the bottom of the front placket and on each sleeve placket. 

Super fine stitching

Our shirts are hand-made to the highest standards using the very best equipment - the best cloth, buttons and stitching brought together under the watchful eye of our 'master cutter'.

We describe the stitching of our shirts as ‘super fine’ because it is really is fine, narrow thread, neat, short stitches and every shirts is put together with precision. Our stitches are almost invisible, you’ll barely notice they are there.

Pattern matching

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, attention to detail is everything in  fashion and we take time to ensure our surface patterns are precisely lined up, not just the front placket, everywhere. When you look at the construction of the cuffs and collars, you’ll see the surface pattern has been matched and lined up in every aspect of the shirt.

Cool, geeky - perfect! Jon Torrens


You want to wear your shirt regularly, it should be so comfortable that you almost forget it's there. Your comfort is our No.1 priority, so we went to the experts, a tailoring family with four generations of shirt making, and we asked them, what makes a comfy shirt? They showed us their personal favourites, we tried and tested them, and then we experimented, pushing the boundaries to find that sweet spot, because we wanted our shirts to be worn all day, keeping the wearer feeling fresh.

Glitch is superb - David Williams

We tried lots of things - various cuts, darts, collar and cuff configurations before we found it. That happy point that offers you comfort and style, quality and longevity. Part of what makes a DressCode shirt so comfortable is...

Hybrid cuffs

Every DressCode shirt features hybrid cuffs with a mitred, double button finish. You can wear these cuffs tight when working at your keyboard, then widen them for lunch and add your favourite cufflinks for dinner and other special occasions.

FREE Matching Pocket Square or Face Mask!

The perfect accompaniment to your pixel shirt, a great way to brighten up your jacket.The pocket square and shirt combo looks awesome and can be dressed up and down with ease. Show me more.

Face Masks have become a very important part of life post lockdown. Our products have always been about making you feel good, with the face mask and shirt combo you'll look good and feel good, playing your part, helping us all to stay safe. Our guide to a well fitted Face Mask

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