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Our signature pattern features the instantly recognisable angled brackets of the DressCode brand set in two tones of blue.

Features include:-

Super fine, pure white cotton.

Contrasting trims of light grey are found within the collar, cuff and front placket areas.

The buttons are matched to the white of the cotton with contrasting thread matched to the print of the fabric.

DressCode logo embroidered onto the upper left arm in grey.

Our signature red, white and blue roundel buttons.

    100% cotton

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    It’s all about the detail...
    The super fine stitching, the impeccably matched pattern the contrasting cuff details and feature cuff buttons. The front placket, the buttons and the unique shape of the shirt. There are many elements that come together to deliver a DressCode shirt.

    Here’s a few of the features that make a DressCode Shirt…

    Super fine stitching
    Our shirts are made to the highest standards using the very best equipment. We describe the stitching as ‘super fine’ because it is so fine, so neat and so precise that you’ll barely notice it’s there.

    Pattern matching
    We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, making sure our surface patterns line up, not just the front placket. When you look at the construction of the cuffs and collars, you’ll see the surface pattern is matched and lined up by hand.

    We wanted a shirt that would be supremely comfortable. So we went to the experts, a global tailoring family with four generations of expertise, and we asked them, what makes a comfy shirt? They showed us their personal favourites, we tried and tested them, and then we experimented, pushing the boundaries to find that sweet spot, because we wanted our shirts to be worn all day, keeping the wearer feeling fresh.

    We tried lots of things - various cuts, darts, collar and cuff configurations before we found it. That happy point that offers you comfort and style, quality and longevity. Part of what makes a DressCode shirt comfortable is...

    Hybrid cuffs
    Every DressCode shirt features hybrid cuffs with a mitred, double button finish. You can wear these cuffs tight when working at your keyboard, then widen them for dinner, you can also add cufflinks, elevating the shirt for special occasions.

    Quality buttons
    There’s buttons and there’s DressCode buttons. Like everything we use, our buttons are the highest quality, beautifully engineered with exquisite detail.

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