DressCode Algorithm Shirt
DressCode Algorithm Shirt
DressCode Algorithm Shirt
DressCode Algorithm Shirt

DressCode Algorithm Shirt

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Algorithms are a huge part of our digital lives, they’re used to make our experience feel more natural. They have been with us, as a part of daily life for some time, originally developed by Greek mathematicians and most famously used by Alan Turing.

They’re classic tech – hidden away, out of sight, within the code, a part of the app and the device. We think that they’re amazing, carrying out multiple tasks and joining processes to deliver a seamless user experience. We really wanted to express some of these values in a shirt. We love the multi direction, multi calculation and connections, this inspired the design.

Printed in grey/blue and black contrasted with vibrant green accents on our unique bright white cotton. This is chic geek.

Live I.T Love I.T Wear I.T

There's a lot more to a DressCode shirt...

Designed for your comfort.

You want to wear your shirt regularly, it should be so comfortable that you almost forget it's there. Your comfort is our No.1 priority, so we went to the experts, a tailoring family with four generations of shirt making, and asked them, what makes a comfy shirt? They showed us their personal favourites, we tried and tested them, and then we experimented, pushing the boundaries to find that sweet spot, because we wanted our shirts to be worn all day, keeping the wearer feeling fresh.

Super fine stitching

We describe the stitching of our shirts as ‘super fine’ because it is really is fine, narrow thread, neat, short stitches and every shirt is put together with precision. Our stitches are almost invisible, you’ll barely notice they are there.


We have sourced a super fine, pure white 100% cotton that is sustainably grown, harvested and spun in India.

Hybrid cuffs

Every DressCode shirt features hybrid cuffs with a mitred, double button finish. You can wear these cuffs tight when working at your keyboard, then widen them for lunch and add your favourite cufflinks for dinner and other special occasions.

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The perfect accompaniment to your shirt, a great way to brighten up your jacket. The pocket square and shirt combo looks awesome and can be dressed up and down with ease. Show me more.

Face Masks have become a very important part of life post lockdown. Our products have always been about making you feel good, with the face mask and shirt combo you'll look good and feel good, playing your part, helping us all to stay safe. Our guide to a well fitted Face Mask

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