The CashCuff™ concept

In early April we publicly trialled the CashCuff for the first time. Andy and Ed Bass from Entsight, demo'd the purchase of a beer at the Cambridge Tech and Beer event.


Cambridge Tech and Beer - 4 April 2019 from Beyond Media on Vimeo.

 P.S  We're on at about the 45 minute mark

What is the CashCuff and how does it work?

Imagine being able to pay for your coffee, lunch or snack with the clothes that you’re wearing. No need for your phone, wallet or any other device.

The contactless payment module within the shirt is controlled via an online app. This simple user interface allows people to allocate specific amounts of money to the virtual credit card, monitor the usage and switch the chip on/off at will.

Cambridge Tech and Beer April 2019This is still a concept, but we're hoping to have online retail product with the ‘CashCuff’ function available late Summer / early Autumn 2019. 

It is envisaged that the ‘CashCuff’ will also appeal to businesses, offering advanced access control and other features in the future.


The ‘Cash Cuff™’ shirts can be used in many ways, here are a few examples:-

  • Business travel – replacing credit cards/phones and reducing the risk of theft
  • Daily commute – on the tube, bus or rail services to pay for your travel
  • Corporate site services – such as coffee shops and other food and drink outlets, no need to carry your wallet with you, your cash will always be on hand in your shirt
  • Nights out and events – leave your wallet at home, pay for anything (up to the value of £30) with your shirt


The technology is easily switched off via the online app, and for extra peace of mind, the CashCuff chip can be removed.

DressCode Shirts paying for a beer via the CashCuff at CTAB

Washing and cleaning

The chip is waterproof and can withstand the temperatures of washing, the chip can also be removed from the shirt, so we suggest removing the chip before washing and ironing the shirt for complete peace of mind and longevity.

In the press

We've been featured in ModeINTextile

The Irish Times

Cambridge Independent also covered the story in print.

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