Supporting More Trees

This month we have joined the More Trees initiative. As you'll probably already know, we are passionate about our planet and protecting our home.

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Our passion for planet earth

These passions are expressed in lots of different ways, we have designed shirts that express Climate change and share data. We have made shirts, and continue to make shirts, using the sustainable Wood-pulp material Tencel.

We've embraced new technology and tried new techniques, such as lowering the heat to 'fix' our digital print - a process that itself uses significantly less water, but now also much less heat as well.

Climate Code shirts

We're using renewable, solar power and the DressCode team are constantly looking at what we are doing - individually and as a business - exploring ways to improve, not just the products (they are very, very good) but what we do and the impact of our activities.


More Trees Kenya projects

Working in partnership

Our partnership with More Trees is important for a number of reasons. First we need more sustainable and professionally managed forests, they play a major role in the protection of our atmosphere, absorbing the CO2 created from the burning of fossil fuels. They also contribute to the biodiversity of the planet, acting as a life source for numerous plants and creatures. Forests create employment and sustain communities.


Aerial tree view Haiti

Unfortunately many of the world's oldest forests, such as the Amazon, are being cut down to make way for farming, industry and other 'perceived advances'. The reality is very much formed by a need for a quick fix, a dopamine hit of cash. The economics of forests varies dramatically from place to place, impacted by the aspirations, wants and needs of governing bodies.


Haiti trees growing


It's a complicated space, no two regions are the same and we are not knowledgable enough to deliver something meaningful with our resource. Hence the partnership, find the experts and work with them.


Locals planting trees

We plant a tree for every shirt we sell

That's right, every time someone buys a shirt, we automatically plant another tree. We all know that climate change is harming our planet and if we collectively make small changes, we can make a big impact.

More Trees has the knowledge and experience to make this happen. Their planting programmes contribute to the UN Sustainable Development goals.


UN sustainable development goals


Planting trees helps: