It's got to be a black shirt

We are proud to confirm that DressCode is sponsoring Sam Jones on his upcoming tours across the UK and Poland.

Samuel Thomas Jones

Who is Sam Jones?

It's a good question, here's a very brief introduction - as we've interviewed Sam and asked him exactly this question (and others). 

Sam Jones on stage at the WaterRats, London 2024


Sam is an accomplished musician and song writer with lots of experience. His love of music started as a child, when he learnt the guitar from a 'blind fella'. Music has always been in Sam's blood, with his father and grandfather involved in the industry, he has accompanied a number of artists and in more recent times, spent time writing and performing his own material. He is known for his slide guitar and crooner vocal style. But enough of my rambling, the video will land very soon, in the meantime check out his website.

Talking clothes

We first started talking to Sam not about music at all, but about clothes, and his very defined on stage style, where he wears a lot of black. Black jeans, black shirt, black trainers and black socks. We never went as far as talking underwear, but you have to assume they are black too.


Folded, black spear collar shirt

Spear collars

It was our ability to produce shirts in pretty much any style that caught Sam's attention. In particular the Spear collar or Spear Point, a subtle design look which Sam is a big fan of. The design team at DressCode also have a real soft spot for the spear collar, a look which has been gaining 'likes' for some time now.


Black Spear point shirt

What's a spear collar or spearpoint shirt?

These shirts are best described as having a narrower back collar band that starts to expand, and extend downwards toward the collar points. Many of the vintage ones have a curved shape to them, creating a teardrop shape.

They are very distinctive compared to more modern shirts. You might look at them and think 1970’s dress shirts, but the designs of the 70's were harking back to the 1930's and 40's. 

Some people will say that the spear collar is similar to the shape of an OCBD (Oxford Cloth Button Down) collar, but without the buttons. This will very much depend on the designer/brand as different levels of “dramatic curves” have been used historically, making it sometimes hard to define what is a spear collar.

Classic Spearpoints or Spear Collars typically have a small amount of spread and tie space, which means the shirt can be worn with or without a collar bar or pin. The designs  of the 60's and 70's significantly increased the spread (space) which differentiates them from the 1930-40's style.

Spear points are back

Recent years have seen strong resurgence for the style, closely aligned to popular drama's and films including Peaky Blinders. 

From a design perspective, spear points are a great way to add a real sense of design to a shirt. They are a long way from your average shirt, making a subtle statement of style, that is exactly what Sam was looking for.

We will be sharing more about Sam, his music and his style in the coming months, keep an eye out for updates, videos and more. 

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The full Sam Jones interview can be seen on our YouTube channel