Digitising industry

This Wednesday we will be at the CW International Conference 2019, a great opportunity to find out all what's new and what's to come from the major technologists and business leaders. This years programme includes a number of sessions exploring what industry will expect of the digital sector in the future, identifying the opportunities for collaborative development.

People working together


Will technological innovation or industry’s eternal drive for better margins be the greater definer of 21st century economics? The unstoppable rise of the internet giants to their current positions has been remarkable – and, at least before the turn of the last millennium, unpredictable. 

It is important for everyone in the technology industry to not underplay the extent to which vertical markets have always been the 'early adopters' embracing technological change. Another important aspect is the impact that mature (even the internet giants are manuring) industries will have on the economics of next generation communications.

Problem solving

Many industries have been quick to adopt the implications of the connected world and are now pulling it forwards at speed. The mobile industry, which has relied hitherto on mass consumerism, is now sprinting to keep up with the diversity of demand coming from multiple, complex, vertical markets.

The conference covers agriculture, automotive and mobility services, intelligent cities, manufacturing, retail and consumer devices including utilities. The speakers include:-
Jonathon Tudor - Centrica
Ben Timmons  - Qualcomm

Jay Srage - Lecturer, Digital Leadership, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
Ian Simmonds - Magna
Tim Moore - GHD Smart devices
Jack Lomas - Smart Infrastructure, Mott McDonald
Julian Burnett - IBM

VR headset

We're looking forward to hearing more, learning lots and showing some of our shirts. More picts and comments to follow this week.