CES 2019

Yes it's that time of the year again where we get to see all the latest and greatest innovations from around the world in Vegas at CES. We're keeping our ears to the ground and will post a selection of the greatest tech innovations here throughout the week.

Here's an overview of what we're expecting.

Could 17" screens be coming back to the laptop market? Acer seem to think so, what's more they're got 4K screens as well. Full details here

Here's our highlights from CES 2019.


Honor 20

The first top flight new phone of 2019 and it has set the bar high, really high.
48-megapixel camera with a secondary 3D sensor
4000mAh battery and the latest version of Android.

Royole FlexpaiRoyole FlexPai

There's a lot of hype about foldable phones this year, rumours of the Motorola Razor, the clam-shell style coming back and Royole revealed a foldable phone called FlexPai. Royole is a new company, founded in 2012, that focuses on flexible products. Let’s see where this goes.

Nubia Red Magic Mars

If you like to game on your phone then the Nubia Red Magic Mars is the choice for you. This is a dedicated gaming phone with two touch buttons on the shoulders for physical gameplay. It’s also got a big battery, liquid-and-air cooling system. Expected to launch in the US and Europe in March.


Computing power

Ice Lake

Intel’s revealed its upcoming 10nm processor, this is probably one of the biggest announcements of CES 2019 and could revolutionise the computing industry. By reducing the size of Intel’s previous 14nm++ CPU, the new Ice Lake processor presents laptop manufacturers with the opportunity to create more powerful and compact devices in the future.



LG gram 17 

We’re back to 17” laptops. It’s been a while since Apple dropped the 17” MacPro and LG have stepped up to then plate with the gram 17. Weighing in at just 1.3kg, it’s not much heavier than most 13" rivals, and lighter than some. You get the latest 8th generation Intel chips and other decent spec. 




Another fitness tracker to add into the already crowded and confused marketplace. The Withings fitness trackers aim to look after your heart as well as your overall fitness. It’s the first wearable that lets you take an electrocardiogram (a snapshot of your heart’s health) and it trumps the Apple Watch 4 by being significantly cheaper and much more stylish.

T Move ECG can also track your sleep, log your exercise (auto-detecting walking, running and swimming) and piggyback your phone’s GPS to map your movements. The best bit…the battery life is an impressive 18 months.


Food and drink

LG homebrew

Beer and tech what’s not to like? LG debued the HomeBrew at CES 2019. Like a Nespresso coffee machine for beer snobs, you load it up with your choice of beer – American IPA, English stout, Czech Pilsner, American Pale Ale or Belgian Witbier – then two-weeks later you have 5 litres of beer on tap!

A super-lazy final touch is that it even cleans itself in preparation for your next batch.

GoSun solar cooker

This is a solar cooker that claims to feed a family of five, even in the dark and in bad weather. It uses parabolic reflectors to focus sunlight into a vacuum tube and can convert 80 percent of that light into heat, at up to 550 degrees.



Technics SL-1200Mk7

Vinyl rules once again and decks are big business. This is an updated version of the DJ classic 1210, the new model has some smart new tech to make it better and more reliable.

Features such as the customisable starting torque and brake settings help control the sound. Then there’s a coreless motor to reduce cogging (a rotational irregularity). Technics have now added a reverse mode and an LED to illuminate the stylus. Nothing too ground breaking, but some nice additions to this club classic.

Nuheara IQbuds Max

These are "intelligent earbuds" with active noise cancellation. They're supposed to act "like an audiologist in a box," whatever that is???? They calibrate sound and do cancellation in real-time using Nuheara's Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation system.

Jabra Elite 85h

Jabra's wireless noise-canceling headphones, the Elite 85h featuring eight microphones, noise-canceling technology that adapts to your environment, and tap-free voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They lookpretty stylish too, here's what Techradar had to say.  




Alienware Area 51m 

Unlike other gaming laptops, the 51m isn’t trying to be thin and portable. Oh no, this one’s a beast and a good looking one - with some mad specs including Nvidia’s RTX 2000 range of graphics cards - which are upgradable. 



HTC Vive Pro Eye

VR and AR still remain a fringe concept for many, HTC has plans to make this much more main stream with a rnage of new headsets. The flagship model is called the Vive Pro Eye. It uses eye tracking to better focus the content where you're looking, reducing motion sickness.

HTC highlighted enterprise deployment, as the headset can also be controlled without using your hands. Lets see how this compares to the other players.


Smart Home


Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo announced a Smart Clock, which is a smaller version of its Smart Display, both feature Google Assistant. It's designed to tell you the time, but it can also charge your devices, play music, and a whole lot more. 

That's all folks!

This is a handful of the the amazing new products featured at CES 2019. How real they are, we don't know. How good they are - time will tell, there's already countless reviews out there on all the best tech sites. We're particularly interested in the LG Homebrew, if they can replicate the Nespresso model for beer and world has to be a happier place - right!